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  1. ….army of lovers best singer,has best voice not like fredy merxury,miceal pedophile,pelvis presley,crackney houston,fuckpac or fatriah carey!!!best selling band way more than picktless!!!!!! Army of lovers king of pop and pedophile jacko loser,follow me on instagram @army_of_lovers_….bye

  2. Hello,
    You forgot to post on ” The band of the Month” the pol’s results every band for August 2017

  3. If you wanna be truthful micheal jackson is the only one in that family who had any talent at all lol

  4. That dead clown is just crawling with bugs that are planting eggs inside of his moldy skeleton. His white skin balloons and pops with the long worm with thousands of legs nibbling on his decaying flesh. The exploding gasses that are entrapped in his sealed casket stink worse than homeless bum forced into a steamy shower.

  5. Where is MJ ?
    Answers ; He is living in a small cabin !
    Where ?
    Answers ; In Forrest Hill .
    What ? Is that an movie or ?
    Answers ; No he is doing sleeping forever !
    Oh… Is he playing for Snowwhite ?
    Answers ; hahaha … You are funny .
    Is he an she now in snowwhite ?
    Answers ; MJ is now an worm in his coffin !
    OK just an another transformer as an worm hahahaha
    Answers ; Yes .

  6. The Beatles #1 and #3 in UK and US with a 50 year old album. Easy win for the fans of the fab four. Michael Jackson and his ugly brothers are horrible. Long live The Beatles.

  7. Funny nobody can talk about their artist without naming Michael Jackson or the Jackson 5

    Easy win

  8. LOL.

    Got to love fate. The Beatles top the UK charts after ELVIS topped the same chart not once, but twice. It just proves that real legends never die, they just keep hitting number one. The cheating wackos “Instant Karma” for trashing superior artists, while lying for that sick dancing toad, Michael Jackson and his has been brothers. God bless, John, Paul, George and Ringo. The fab four are number one again.

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