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  1. The Wackson 5 was not a real band. The Long And Winding Road is The Beatles forever.

  2. The Beetles are now in 8th place as Michael and his wonderful brothers take it all AGAIN this year. Quality over quantity is what Michael thrived for in his performances. You Elvis fans cheat and Beetles fans have surrendered to KING Jackson and the FIVE. Michael is world domination on the charts while Elvis and the beetles are nowhere to be found. All bow to Michael Jackson.

  3. You loser pelvis and beetles fans pay Michael Jackson estate every single time you buy their old music. Michael Jackson owns pelvis and the beetles. Love ya, Michael. You’ve returned to world domination and crushed midget prince! You old fools bow down to the one and only KING Michael Joseph Jackson!

  4. I voted for Queen,; Band, Song, Album
    could not vote for The King of music
    Elvis Presley winner 2015 and 2016

  5. I Love Michael Jackson and he is the best and always be the best. I love everything about him. He is perfect to me. He is the key to my heart and I love you Michael Jackson and I miss you so much. 😘💞✌💖

    • No, the Beatles are the greatest ! MJ is nothing more an worm nr. 100 in the top 100 !

  6. The ugly and old beetles were stepped on and crushed like a bug by the superiority of Michael and his fabulous brothers. The mighty Jacksons have the BOA poll in a runaway victory against the beetles. Those mopheads were even moved back from 4th place last year to a truly pathetic 7th place with only 243 votes. The Mighty Jacksons have 5,685 votes. Congrats to 2nd place winners Queen, whose lead singer Freddie Mercury did a few duets with KING Michael. Unlike Paul McCartney, did not back stab Michael due to bitterness and jealousy because he could not afford to by the beetle catalogue and Michael could. That was tough shit for greedy and selfish Paul.

    Keep voting Moonwalkers!

    • If it wasn’t for the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Beach Boys, the Four Seasons, the Temptations, etc.; groups like the Jackson 5, Queen, ABBA, Depeche Mode, & all the others wouldn’t be where they are today.

  7. shame- you need to explain better how you think cheating is done, I know when I go to a party and I ask everyone to get out their phones and vote that is a lot at once. go/mi- Jackson 5 is rarely ever on the radio anymore he is forgotten by most the world the real bands are played every day. if you think this poll means everything to you then I hope you win. I just care about quality music

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