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  1. This is why fans are leaving this site – a lot of cheating, with no right of veto on the part of that cheating persons. Someone (1 or 2 persons, idk , how many are, but there are certainly at least 2 or 3..?), who does cheat every day and night for their favorites between certain slots time on all over polls the web. It is so easy visible and to be noted everyday through the avalanche of votes cast by cheating. It is the proof of an indisputable callousness, a big contempt, a lack of common sense from their side to those fans who are honest and vote for their favorite artists rightly. Certainty, confidence which it cannot be denied in no wise way by any of the participants in the vote and which all the voters must believe and take it seriously! Trustworthiness, honesty – I wonder if you admin and those cheaters also know what it means? Peace

  2. I’d love to know why the hell CCR isn’t on the band of ages because they were f**king awesome. I grew up with CCR and they’re without a doubt a kick ass band that needs to be put on this list!!

  3. The Beatles and Sweet Inspirations are the best popgroup ever !!!
    But i liked The Rolling Stones to !

  4. Queen movie is going to push Freddie Mercury and gang over the top over Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 !!!

  5. What an untrustworthy site.. always cheat.. cheat… cheating… you 2 cheaters from here.. shame, shame…

  6. The Beatles should be #1.

    Cheaters should be banned from this site. At least the untalented Jackson 5 are sliding down in votes.

  7. Records are meant to be shattered. The Jackson 5 have been surpassed. Congrats to The Doors and Queen, the true champions.

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