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  1. The Beatles revenge. A HOT SHOT #1 IN THE UK WITH THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY OF “Sgt Pepper.”

    I’ve read that Paul McCartney is really blown away. Where’s The McJackson 5?

    Certainly not at #1. Ahhhhhhh…..the tears. LOL.

    • The Beatles reign In 2017, plus McCartney does not have to pay the Jackson estate to use his songs anymore.

      The Dirty Jacksons NEVER had one number album to their name. Long live ELVIS and THE BEATLES.

  2. The Beatles only have 374 votes. lol.

    You fools bow to the royal Jackson’s dynasty. We own you.

  3. Michael Jackson owns The Beatles. Put that in your dope pipes and smoke it, old Beatles fans. Jealousy is so childish and petty. You disgusting fossils BOW to the royal Jackson dynasty and accept the reality that The Jackson Family controls your fading idols and their dated catalogues. All hail to the real KING, Mr Michael Joseph Jackson. His name is NOT jacko. Respect your cherished KING of music, film, stage, songwriting, record charts and the KING of AWARDS !!!!!

  4. The old beetles were definitely crushed by the MIGHTY JACKSONS. Stomp. Crush those bugs. lol. You fools are too much.

  5. You old fools get on your knees to Michael Jackson. He has crushed those beetles with his stomping feet of music and dance!

  6. The Jacksons have easily defeated The Beatles. Long live the true KING, Michael Jackson. More hits than anyone else on the planet. You sore losers are jealous of the KING of POP. Get over yourselves. The world dances to the superior beats of Michael Jackson.

  7. Where is survivor?

    They had hits like “Eye Of The Tiger” “High On You” “The Search Is Over” and “Burning Heart.”

    • Who?

      STFU, idiot. It is all about Michael Jackson ruling the worldwide popularity polls. Go, go, go, fabulous Jacksons!

      You f****** clowns bow your lowly heads to the ground, and only look up when you are spoken to. What a bunch of worthless t* and old f*. We luv Michael Jackson, the real KING.

  8. The Wackson 5 was not a real band. The Long And Winding Road is The Beatles forever.

  9. The Beetles are now in 8th place as Michael and his wonderful brothers take it all AGAIN this year. Quality over quantity is what Michael thrived for in his performances. You Elvis fans cheat and Beetles fans have surrendered to KING Jackson and the FIVE. Michael is world domination on the charts while Elvis and the beetles are nowhere to be found. All bow to Michael Jackson.

  10. You loser pelvis and beetles fans pay Michael Jackson estate every single time you buy their old music. Michael Jackson owns pelvis and the beetles. Love ya, Michael. You’ve returned to world domination and crushed midget prince! You old fools bow down to the one and only KING Michael Joseph Jackson!

  11. I voted for Queen,; Band, Song, Album
    could not vote for The King of music
    Elvis Presley winner 2015 and 2016

  12. I Love Michael Jackson and he is the best and always be the best. I love everything about him. He is perfect to me. He is the key to my heart and I love you Michael Jackson and I miss you so much. ??✌?

    • No, the Beatles are the greatest ! MJ is nothing more an worm nr. 100 in the top 100 !

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